VP Amaldev

njury Rehabilitation Specialist
Bachelors in Alternative Medicine, Indian Board of Alternative Medicine
Health and Fitness Specialist, Sports Authority of India (SAI)
Sports Injury Specialist.

Amaldev is a chronic pain management specialist with an immense know-how about several injuries, their prevention and treatment. A specialist in sports injury rehabilitation, he practices alternative medicine and healing processes to guide you towards a pain-free, healthy life. He has worked with a number of Golfers, Tennis Players, Kabaddi Players and many other athletes helping them find the solutions they were looking for.

His Prowess
Amaldev has hands-on experience in injury rehabilitation, fitness testing, sports specific performance enhancement as well as general fitness. For several people suffering from chronic pain, modern medicine has failed to solve their problems. The solution they look for is often found in alternative medicine and healing therapies.
His prowess lies in injury prevention and fitness program formulation for athletes and the general population throug posture correction & muscular development, rehab assistance for individuals with neurological disorders, skeletal muscle injury rehabilitation and pain management through alternative therapies.