Kavya Khemka

Chief Coordinator, Management & Planning - Animal Assisted Intervention

Ms. Kavya Khemka is an exemplary achiever, excellent at curating and planning activities for each individual, based on age and personality. Kavya began reading from the age of 3 & penning down her thoughts, starting from an early age of 6 years. She has published a book titled ‘Statement’ with the Partridge, a Penguin Random House Company, USA, at the age of 12. This book takes you through a time travel journey to the ‘Water Starved Era’ of 2090. 

Her remarkable capabilities have driven her to start following her dreams at a very early age. Being a voracious reader & a creative mind, she has spent more than 7 years years understanding the problems & behaviours of people & the society. She is keen on helping people find solutions they are looking for through the means of Swakaya.

This young writer is currently pursuing psychology. Kavya’s multifaceted personality brings a lot of value to Swakaya. An extraordinaire in every way, she leads the management and planning for Animal Assisted Therapy at Swakaya. She is a creative & compassionate leader and is instrumental in designing & overseeing the Pet Assisted Programs at Swakaya, making relevant use of her meticulous understanding of problems people face, especially kids.  


The Purr-fect Cat Therapists

Our fuzzy, sassy and paw-some therapists are the purr-fect stress-relievers and mental health specialists. Their tiny whiskers, cute faces and warm hugs have healing capabilities. They induce a calming effect on your mind and cause the release of stress-releasing hormones in your body. Cats also make great companions, helping you overcome the emotions of loneliness and improve your social skills. They offer a complete package when it comes to emotional & mental wellbeing.
While they purr your anxiety away, you can spend some snuggle-some time enjoying with our cats and forget all your worries simultaneously. Let us introduce you to our paw-minent therapists:



Shadow is our little Black and White tuxedo beauty with a boss attitude! His lustrous coat and handsome looks are just as admirable as his healing abilities.


Ray is a little baby with a lively spirit. Extremely friendly and loving, he makes for a great companion and a fun friend!


Star, our baby calico, is a multicoloured, sweet therapist with a heart of gold. His adorable, gentle attitude is mixed with a flavour of mischief and playfulness.



Belle is a humble beauty who makes friends easily. A best friend and a happy therapist, she only demands one thing – never to steal her food!


A gorgeous White Persian, Fluffy redefines carefree, lazy attitude. She purrs the loudest during playdates with her patients and will not bat a single eye otherwise!


Pearl is the most unique Calico-persian beauty, who sleeps all day and night. You would generally spot her snuggled up in one corner and the happiest in a nice, cold place.



Cloud is our biggest and most fun loving therapist. Energetic to the core, he is the first one to approach you for playdates!


Zeus, as the name suggests, has assumed the role of the cat in-charge. He is a Himalayan Persian who spends most of his time proving it to the other cats about his eminence!


Our handsome grey tabby, Simba, is a sassy and intelligent yet an overly affectionate & friendly companion. His resting poker face with a curious & innocent glimmer in the eyes will make you fall in love with him instantly!