Nandini Hate-Mane

Sarva Shakti Sadhana PRACTITIONER, Jothi Blessing Giver & Healer, Mental Health Facilitator with Tools of the Trade, Certified in Kundalika Shakti Kriya Yog, Certified in Past Life Regression and Spiritual Science, Reiki Master, Certified in Crystal Healing, Certified in Inner Child Work, Certified in Redikall Manifestation.

Her greatest tool is her Intuitiveness.
It is with the guidance of her inner voice, that Nandini assesses the soul’s need for help in achieving balance. With a rich experience spanning the last twenty years, in offering solutions to numerous patients through alternative healing therapies, Mrs. Nandini Hate-Mane believes in the rejuvenating power of energies within us. Her expertise lies in getting the correct combination of the various healing techniques that she has mastered in her journey as a soul healer.

How It All Began
The healing journey for Mrs. Hate-Mane began with her personal life-changing experience. Having settled down in a fulfilling, marketing job, she and her husband dreamed of starting a family. Her dream, however, met several hurdles when she couldn’t conceive and she began looking for answers in modern medicine. Having tried all possible treatments and ways, she finally found her answer in alternative healing therapies. She has since firmly believed in the power of energy and asserts, “Meditation did for me what no medication could.” Today, with a happy, 18-year old son, Samardhana, her only quest has been to help all those in need.
Nandini Hate-Mane envisions tooffer her compassionate healing services to everyone seeking answers to any Soul problem, be it physical, mental or spiritual problems.

Her Prowess
“A healer’s power stems not from any special ability, but from maintaining the courage and awareness to embody and express the universal healing power that every human being naturally possesses.” – E. Leventhal
Nandini Hate-Mane is a certified, experienced and expert soul healer. With intention and skillful practice of over 20 long years, she has helped people align their mind, body & soul and through it, offered healing for all their problems. From little children to seniors, her services have benefited everyone and her client-base is spread all across the world, from Malaysia, Dubai, Singapore, USA to different parts of India.
The secret to her popularity and success has been her strong relationships with all her patients. People have sought her help for all kinds of healing and their belief in her as a therapist has only strengthened through amazing results.
She is proficient in Energy Healing, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Past Life Regression, Relationship Healing as well as healing through Oracle Cards. Her intuitive power allows her to read the energies and auras around people, helping her understand the root cause of their problems. She believes that a person’s bodily energy when blended with the energy of the Universe has the ability to heal itself completely.

Areas of specialization includes,
1.Past Life Regression Therapy, where she takes you to a deep meditative state using several relaxation & breathing techniques. Finding the cause and healing your ailments, traumas, unexplainable anxiety and more helps you lead a life of wellbeing.
2. Guided Meditation incorporate the Moon energies, the Chakras and a Rainbow of other beautiful meditative spaces to eliminate the chaos and let the serenity reach deep to all the corners of our heart.
3. Soulmates Healing includes all kinds of people that you are connected to in all your spheres of life! They could include, love and hate equations with people like a boss, a neighbor, a cousin, or even a maid servant! The greatest possession of your life are the people who perfectly align with your goals, dreams, energy and happiness. In other words, these people are your soul mates and teach, heal and empower you wth all your Karmic lessons.
4. Relationship Healing – Most important with your ‘Self’ and then with others who are in your environment.
Nandini brings harmony between your body, mind and spirit, enabling comprehensive wellness for all her patients. In her own words, she says,”I never advocate that clients keep coming back to me! I help them to map out their own healing journey, and have faith in the positive energies around them”

Soul Healing at Swakaya
With her skillful art, adept knowledge and rich experience, Nandini Hate-Mane brings alternative healing therapies to Swakaya. We are dedicated to offering wellness and health through non-invasive methods for all those who seek it!