Healing Therapies

Animal Therapy For all ages

Animal Assisted Therapy

Animal-assisted intervention is a form of treatment augmentation practice that uses the help of animals to aid in the physical and mental wellness of those who seek it. Globally, this practice
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Chronic Pain Management

Our wellness solutions under BODY refer to the therapies for physical ailments and conditions of your body. Your physical health comprises of seamless movements between the bones, muscles & joints
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Soul Healing

Like energy, ‘Soul’ too cannot be created nor destroyed! It can go through transformations and like the process of alchemy, it can be raised to be positive and pure gold! Our health is defined by the balance
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Yoga and Meditation

In a life that has become ever-busy and hurried, Yoga offers a way towards peace and health. Literally translating to the word ‘Union’, Yoga is a means to unify your mind, body and spirit for an active
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