Animal-assisted Intervention


The life experiences and rich knowledge of old-age bring with it several unwanted conditions such as gradually stemming physical ailments, restricted movements, isolation, anxiety and more. Our animal-assisted therapies and interactive sessions help improve the physical and emotional wellbeing of the elderly by many folds.

With the onset of the pandemic, elderly people in various households have been gripped with a sudden loneliness and gloom. While stepping out remains unsafe for them, Swakaya offers a hygienic, safe and happy environment for them and our animal therapists help them relive stress, depression and loneliness.

People with Disabilities

Animals tend to bring out several positive changes in individuals with disabilities. They tend to induce the feelings of warmth, happiness and responsibility while also improving their functional abilities. Animal-assisted therapies and interactions at Swakaya are designed to help in the treatments and to ensure overall health and happiness of our patients with intellectual disabilities.